went to school and was very nervous

Now, I love teaching. Really.  But I have found that I get more nervous over my students’ exams than my own.  Why? Well, I guess I figure I can only mess up my own life so much.  But what if I mess up and write the wrong letter or the wrong number and suddenly I’ve screwed over a bunch of other folks?

Speaking of exams… two down (plus a project), one (plus a project and a beastly long awful paper) to go.  That awful paper and my exam day Thursday have taught me that I’m not so great at switching between languages.  Exam day was Polish exam (no big deal… writing a couple of questions about a soap opera we’ve been watching) and then Politics and Markets (who knows). My English writing skills were a little… impaired after taking the Polish exam.  I bet you a dollar that the grader will think I’m not a native English speaker.
Ready for winter break and some sunshine…

    • Liĉjo
    • December 12th, 2010

    Ho! Ĉu vi estas denaska parolanta de la angla? Mi ne sciis . .

  1. Is the title perhaps a reference to “Mad World?” If it is, then you get cool points.

    • It is! You get cool points for catching that reference! :]

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