feliĉan e-tagon!

Nu, pro tio, ke hodiaŭ estas la 15-a de decembro, mi sentas min devigita fari tion ĉi (almenaŭ parte) en Esperanto. Tamen mi devus ne festi la tagon (krom se verki eseon pri Esperanto estas festi :/)  Mi ĵus revenis al mia ĉambraro de malvarma lernĉambrego, en kiu mi sidis sur la planko, kovrite de kreto, aŭskultante fuŝekonomikaĉaĵojn.  Vendredon miaj studentoj faros ekzamenon, do nun ĉiu demando gravegas pli ol ĉiu demando de la aliaj lernantoj, kaj pli ol miaj taskoj, kaj se mi povus nevidebliĝi mi farus tion.  *ĝemas*  Pli ol ion ajn alian mi volas dormi kun mia varma verda!kovrilo kaj ŝtrumpetsimio.*havas 6 jarojn*

Well hello there, English speaking reader.  Happy Esperanto Day! If you have managed to live your whole life without knowing what Esperanto day is (that is, if you were living under a rock last year this time), when us Esperanto speaking folk celebrate? Esperanto awesomeness on the birthday of Comrade Lenin Esperanto creator, LL Zamenhof. And in case you’re wondering about that strike out there, from my semester studying Stalinist!USSR, I’ve found some parallels between the attitudes towards Lenin and those towards Zamenhof.  Those thoughts, unfortunately, will not make it into my epic paper, but I’d be happy to chat with you about that later. Preferably after I turn that paper in, and preferably over a drink (it’ll be more entertaining for you that way).

So the highlight of the day was my econ review session… not.  It was pretty much completely embarrassing since I made a *gasp* mistake.  Oh yeah, and I think I should probably remind the professor of the ratio of non-native English speakers to native English speakers in his class.  How do you explain “come out ahead” quickly and understandably? I can tell you how to explain it confusingly and ramblingly.

As promised, news of the cookie party: Jeff fantastically helped bake them since K was sick.  We made approximately a lot of gingerbread cookies and about a bunch of sugar cookies.  I used my all time favorite gingerbread recipe–the Winnie the Pooh cookbook’s version.  But I don’t use honey (molasses instead) and pretty much double the spices.  This time I added some allspice too.  And I took Alton Brown’s sugar cookie recipe, adding vanilla and subbing ground flax for the egg.  Yum yum yum.  Here’s my favorite that I decorated:

gingerbread man

Yes, he is wearing gingerbread print undies. And bunny slippers. Next to him in the glasses is an Esperantist.

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