i was writing this and i thought of you

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about interpersonal relations.  Reading psychology papers on the whys of friendship and the ilk.  This semester I’ve done something I haven’t really managed before since starting this whole “college” things: had friendly discussion with people in my classes.  Some of that was the nature of the course, I’m sure.  The most interesting thing to me of late, though, is the interactions of recognizable non-acquaintances.  For example, there’s man who sits at the same table almost every day next to this little coffee stand (is that even what you would call it? a coffee stand?).  It’s also my favorite table for when I need to use an outlet,  but normally there’s not competition for it because I use it at different times than he does.  Yesterday, however, I’m sitting there and I notice that he’s sitting across the way on a bench, laptop plugged in and typing away.  We share friendly eye contact, and I feel like a jerk for stealing his spot.  We’ll probably never be friends, or even exchange names.  But he’s definitely a part of my life.   Anyway, I guess the point is that while it’s the people I call “friend” that I usually think of as affecting my life, it’s really the peripheral people who really form my day-to-day environment.  Maybe I’ll work on making more of those people into something more like friendly acquaintances.  I’m certainly not incapable of talking to strangers–like that Geneseo chick I shared breakfast with in O’Hare after we were both stranded overnight trying to get to Rochester. Or maybe I’ll just let them remain a comforting constant in my life.

Oh, and here’s an early Christmas present to all my economic minded friends.  Thanks, K, for sharing it with me. :]

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