crazy is the forecast all week

You know how it’s cold here ?  (I’m going to assume you’re experiencing Rochester!cold or something similar. If you’re not, play along)  Well, let’s just be glad we’re not in Russia.  And extra glad to not be in the Russian army.  Check out how ridiculous these uniforms are. Seriously, shouldn’t they think about the climate when designing uniforms?

Speaking of ridiculous things that are also Russian, I’m really digging Soviet linguistics.  It’s pretty crazy–think spontaneous generation level of crazy pseudoscience, but then put it in linguistics.  I may look into more history of linguistics stuff later–and if I ever learn Russian, I’d like to read more of N. Ja. Marr’s stuff (I’ve been reading stuff other people wrote about his theories–I’m limited by my monobilingualism to English and Esperanto sources).  Now, he wasn’t really *that* crazy.  He was actually quite the expert on Caucasian languages (that ‘s languages of the Caucasus, in case you weren’t aware.  At the time, there wasn’t much Western linguistic research in the area), but he drew really bizarre connections between languages and has odd theories about linguistic evolution.  Apparently the research he did ended up pretty much useless because of his… unorthodox techniques (okay, I honestly didn’t quite catch what they were–something about acting like a paleontologist. If you have insight, let me in on it please?).  He also thought all languages were converging into one communist language.  Of course, it was pretty standard Marxism to think that the world was going to become all communist and at that point we’d be sharing a common tongue.  I find it pretty fascinating that they also pretty much decided that it would be an artificial language–saying it had to be a natural language is like saying we should have waited for the steam engine to evolve on its own.  Power of the hand and all that, I suppose.

And now, back to paper writing.  The next post I write will come from a less stressed version of me.  Thank you so much to my wonderful, awesome, amazing friends who put up with me.

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