lasu min sonĝi pri la somer’

So I had my first taste of this new security nonsense yesterday.  At the ROC airport, there’s one dreaded new scanner,  and the other lines use the normal metal detectors (well, actually I think there’s one of those air puffing scanners too, but whatever).  Anyway, it seemed to me that the people who went in that line went through that scanner, and so I got into a different line.  As I’m waiting for my bags to go through so that I could walk through the metal detector, the man asked me if I had anything in my pockets, then asked if I had a cell phone in my pocket.  Well, when I’m asked two questions in rapid succession, especially if they’re yes/no questions with conflicting answers, I never know quite what to do.  Here, I assumed he was wanting to know if I had left something metal in my pockets, since I was about to go to through the metal detector.  No such luck.  He was actually wanting to know if there was *anything* so that I could go through these new contraptions.  I don’t have any real, strong feelings about them, besides economist!me knowing that they are wrong.  Summary for those who don’t want to read: deadweight loss, increased car travel (which is, on average, more dangerous!), and forced (non-market driven) participation. But I don’t feel like exposing my organs to more rays and such, which I don’t understand, any more than necessary.  And little acts of rebellion make every feel better, right? So, I opted out.  It’s quite clear that TSA does not want you to opt out.  The worst, probably, was the chanting of “opt out” and the general grumbling in reaction to the decision.  And of course, being felt up in public—not my cup of tea.   But I plan to continue opting out for the remainder of my winter travels—sure I’m quite squeamish about uninvited touch, but if regardless of my choice, I’m being forced to buy services I don’t want—at the price of time, privacy, and dignity. If I have to bear extra costs, I’d like them to as well. I’m a customer of the airlines, not of TSA.

The one good thing about flying, though, is that it gives me a chance to read.  This time I read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.  Mildly disturbing, but definitely a worthwhile read.

Now I’m in Austin visiting a brother and his family.  Unfortunately, I brought the clouds with me so I still haven’t got my vitamin D. :/ The good news: delicious non-animal-containing and non-campus food.

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