how a magic genie lamp kept me from getting a cold

A real title? No song lyrics? Right. I wanted to make sure you didn’t stop reading after seeing the post was going to be about a series of gibberish words.

Saturday morning, I woke up exhausted and with that feeling in my throat that said, how would you like to spend your last week of break feeling like you’re dying? Initially I thought, well, how about I drink lots of water and pretend this is just a matter of dehydration (I’m not very good at getting enough water sometimes) and take a nap and by tomorrow it’ll all be hunky-dory? That did not work so well.  By Monday, my lymph nodes informed me that I was getting sick.  I respect my lymph nodes very much, but was not going to let them be right.  I gargled some saltwater to calm down the bear that was tearing at my throat (I can only assume that is why my throat felt that way) and then thought, hey, why don’t I just let my entire head gargle salt water?

About a million years ago, la patrino bought a neti pot, which is basically a genie lamp looking thing that you fill up with saline solution and stick in your nose. You pour in one nostril… it comes out the other.  Magic+gravity=cleaned out sinus passages.  It sounds bizarre, uncomfortable, and questionably effective.  For those reasons, this magic genie lamp has remained unused for long enough that the little saline mixes were expired.  I, however, was desperate to not be sick (and really, how does salt go bad?!) so I decided to try it.  It’s not exactly a comfortable sensation–think of how great it feels to get water up your nose while you’re swimming.  It does, however, work. (And it is not as bad as swimming pool water which is all chlorine-y and cold and whatnot).  I don’t want to jinx it or anything, but the sniffles and sore throat did not progress, and the lymph nodes have shut up.  So if you’re into weird non-medicine cures, maybe you should try it too.  And Oprah/Dr. Oz endorse them, so they must be good–right?

Today, I had to cope with not being sick, but being trapped in the home (alright, I could have walked somewhere… but there’s not really anywhere in walking distance that’s worth visiting. I finished reading a book I started (Anansi’s Boys, to finish up a Neil Gaiman kick). I considered hitting up Starbucks to read there, since I got a giftcard for there, but I’ve got a mental block on walking more than a mile and a half to get some subpar coffee (sorry, Starbucks, I blame that trip to Italy for my inability to appreciate you for more than your higher-than-average caffeine content). I’m glad to have the time to read some novels, and I’m glad that there are still folks writing enjoyable books. It seems that the today’s culture is moving from books to blogs to books based on blogs but with very few words.  Sure we’ve got new gadgets to read books–Kindle, iPad, Nook, other with equally silly names–but honestly, how many people use them primarily to sit down and read a novel? How many more use them to flip through things… to search for some key phrase without doing the traditional reading bit? I’ve considered the merits of one of these gadgets myself–how many times have I been packing for a trip and had to limit how many books I brought because of space? Finishing up the book tonight, I wished I could remember who said this thing that was later referenced.  Both of those problems would be solved with one of those gizmos. But you just can’t beat the feel of a paperback in hand.  And I fear that I would become a skimmer and a searcher, instead of a devourer of books.  Wow, I didn’t mean to go on that tangent.  My “culture is moving” was going to segue into: And have you noticed these book trailers?! So now…

Have you noticed these book trailers?! The first one I saw, I thought, oh, that’s neat, a teaser trailer for a book!  The second one, I thought, oh gods what has this world come to? If you don’t have time/are too lazy/just don’t want to read a summary/excerpt/review/whatever it is that makes you decide to read a book… are you really going to buy/borrow/check out the book?! Admittedly, I’d only seen two myself, so I thought maybe the world isn’t coming to a screeching halt–I just happened to find two oddities. But then I decided to google “book trailer.” It seems there are a lot of trailers. I watched a few, so that I could confirm my opinion, or perhaps even change it.  There are some that make me wish I could just read the back of the book, since that’s basically all the trailer was… but in a minute and a half instead of the twenty seconds it would take to read it.  Boring.  Then some that made me confused about what it was even a trailer for.  I’m also concerned about putting any images in my head that may distort how I would imagine characters and the like.  Yes, I’m pretty convinced that book trailers could ruin books for me.  And this is coming from someone who frequently read the last page first.

There was one trailer I watched, however, that made me think I’d maybe pick up the book if it were handy.  It looks like a repeat of a story I’ve seen a thousand times, but then again I read a lot of Redwall books back in the day and those are pretty much all about the same meal.  But, the trailer made me take notice, and it told me that if I like Christopher Moore (and I do) that I would love this book.  So perhaps not every single trailer will ruin its book, and maybe some are effective, but seriously–trailers? for books?

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