yum yum long weekend

The other day, I was walking home from parking the car (oh, to live on a college campus) with a couple of friends.  We saw a dump truck drive by and Jeff asks, “is that dump truck just full of snow?”  I laugh, and assumed that there was just snow on top of what was inside it.  But no, this was a truck just carrying snow.  We saw a couple others, and a parking lot piled high.  I never really thought about what happens to the snow that is plowed.  Up here, where it’s too cold and not sunny enough for the snow to melt after being pushed into piles, I guess that they really do need somewhere to get rid of the snow.  After getting home, I googled “dump trucks of snow” and found a great story from–where else?–Russia (well, the Chechen Republic, but it’s part of Russia).  Apparently for a  New Years, 100 dump trucks of snow were ordered by the President to be delivered to the capital city so that children could play in the snow.  Crazy, huh?

And now for the excuse for the procrastinated post–I moved.  Nowhere exciting, just across campus. It was pretty crazy… I had to wait an extra day to get my key to the new place because my first flight didn’t get in in time to catch my connection so I had to fly standby on a later flight. And then my car wouldn’t start (battery was bad–I just replaced it in August! I hate cars).  Now I have all my stuff moved, at least.  And I have wireless internet in the new place (hurrah!) and my own bedroom (I’m not so good at sharing a bedroom… especially when my natural sleeping patterns aren’t the same as hers).  To celebrate moving in,  I made a (sort of) special dinner.  It wasn’t fancy or anything, but it was a little time consuming; and something that, to my knowledge, can’t be easily procured here; and I had a couple of friends help to eat it.  I made a bunch of tamales, because it is so not easy in my neck of the woods to find vegan tamales.  The Whole Foods back home used to carry some which were okay, but now they sell veggie cheese ones instead.  The nerve! Anyway, I think they turned out pretty okay. I’m no expert–I’d never made them or seen them made, but I I wasn’t in love with the dough (I settled on the PPK/Veganomicon recipe–it was good, but not great) , but I really like my fillings.  I did two–I started both of them with some garlic and onion sauteed in olive oil.  To one I then added mushrooms chopped finely and once they cooked down a bouillon cube and some water.  Once that boiled, I added in a cup or so of TVP and let it… do whatever TVP does.  Added chili powder, cumin, salt (my cube was salt-free) and a little oregano and paprika. The second filling was the onions and garlic plus a sweet potato (smashed) I had baked, and a poblano pepper I had roasted and peeled (chopped finely) and a little cumin, with fresh kale and the juice of half a lime.  The fillings were pretty simple to make–I’m used to throwing things in a pot/pan and cooking until they’re done.  The filling and wrapping process (and the dough simply because I wasn’t sure what it was supposed to be like) was a little crazy, but definitely worth it.  Cold weather calls for warm carbohydrateful comfort foods, after all. Maybe I’ll snap a picture of the leftovers and post it later.

In other news, I still haven’t quite figured out my class schedule.  I think I’m going to add Money, Credit, and Banking–if only because I don’t understand those things and everyone assumes that an economist should understand them.  And I may drop Historical Linguistics in favor of Advanced Topics in Microeconomic theory.  Any thoughts? I’m totally digging my classes so far that I am keeping though. Woohoo new semester optimism.

Off to read some poetry.  Oh dear.

    • Hoss
    • January 21st, 2011

    Believe it or not, back in 2002 Rochester actually trucked in snow from Buffalo for the annual Winterfest, due to lack of local snowfall: http://articles.latimes.com/2002/jan/10/news/mn-21717

    But yes, UR uses dump trucks to remove snow from its parking lots. They’re often busy all night long at the medical center getting ready for morning rush hour. I can hear them beeping, beeping, beeping at all hours…

    • Well, I have no reason not to believe you, but what a waste of resources!

      Thanks for the verification–we were over by the med center when we spotted the truck(s), so undoubtedly we were right on target.

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