The most frustrating thing in the world may very well be my inability to read. I don’t know if I get bored and just insert what I want it to say, or if I read it too fast and just make up what I think it will say, but it’s really irritating.  Especially when it comes to proofreading.  So usually, I just don’t proofread.  But sometimes, I really want to impress someone.  But I know what I meant to type, even if I dropped an N (ĉi-fojon, ne temas pri la akuzativo!) or a parenthesis or whatever, so I just assume I typed what I meant.  Because really, why would I type something different?  Naturally, once an error is pointed out it’s clear as day and haunts me forever.  You know, that whole wanting to impress problem? It goes well with the general fretting, and unbearable need to not be wrong.  Because one misplaced letter can totally change someone’s impression–especially if it’s a close to first impression. The good news: even I know I’ll remember these kinds of errors much longer than anyone else.  Phew.

There are probably only about 3 people who know how much I enjoyed playing pool.  Now I’ll tell you all too. I’m not very good at it, and I don’t feel like thinking through the geometry of it, but it’s like bowling: no matter how terribly I play, I still enjoy every time I do.  Speaking of bowling and pool, is that a segue I hear? This game looks to be like something I’d really, really enjoy.  If you have a backyard and some time to kill, build me one please? Oh, and please note that this is in my home state.  Wow, could anything be cooler than Missouri?  You know, other than the subzero temperatures we’ve got here now.  But you knew I was talking about the other kind of cool. Sheesh.

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