Alchemy parties: like Tupperware parties, but not

Well, I’ve added another notch in my geekiness belt*.  I have officially played Dungeons & Dragons.  And I liked it. Like, a lot. I could see myself becoming obsessed, forgetting that I am not actually a drow, saying a prayer to Melora, the whole nine yards**.  Also, I need dice now.  I mean, I don’t *need* them, because there are extras on hand and all that. But I want them.  And now I kind of have a reason for wanting them, which would justify such a purchase.  I’ve also decided to make a really cool dice bag.  Because, you know, I have so much time on my hands.

In between take-home economics quizzes from hell, problem sets, and a language trying to kill me (Try to say a  retroflex fricative without choking on your own tongue. I dare you) I’m sure I’ll find time… Ugh.  I may have to find a new class (at this late in the semester? I know, right? Well, that is how I ended up starting Polish…) because I want to join in on a linguistics reading group (I’m pretty sure that’s code for “book club” but for academics… but I may be wrong) and it’s at the same time as the poetry class I’m for whatever reason taking. But it’s only once every other week, so maybe I can charm my way into just staying in the poetry class but skipping every other Thursday.  Here’s hoping.

And because every blog is secretly a food blog, I feel the need to tell you about today which I am naming “peas and other carbohydrates.” Breakfast: (soy) Cafe au lait (I speak English, I will not use accents. SO there) and a clif mojo bar (why don’t they sell those on campus any more?  lunch: finished off the three bites or so of rice & peas leftover from yesterday’s lunch (I really put that in the fridge? yes, I did) + curry popcorn.  I’m pretty excited about this popcorn because I just discovered stove-top popping.  I mean, I’ve always known people do that.  I’ve even eaten it something like twice in my life. But I didn’t realize how easy it is, or how much more delicious than microwaved.  Yeah, I put a little oil in the pan, but it’s a lot less than in standard microwave popcorn bags, and without all those weird chemicals. And I’m working on weaning myself off the microwave.  Because I have the internet, and don’t want weird mutant free-radical-full food in me or whatever.  Plus it comes in awesome flavors… Such as curry! A few days ago I made it with garam masala.  I’m sure anything that sounds delicious would be. Yum yum yum. And while I usually only know what I’ll be eating dinner in advance on Wednesdays, today I know I’ll be having split pea soup.  Because I’ve put everything in the crock pot (actually, that’s a name brand isn’t it? I guess I should say I have it in the slow cooker) and so when I get home there’ll be hot soup ready! Hopefully.  Which is good, because I’ve been trying to get on campus soup for the past couple of days and have had zero luck. And the great thing about soup is, I can trick myself into eating orange things in soup (I don’t care much for sweet things and orange vegetables are all way too sweet to be vegetables. Yuck).

Kiam mi komencis blogi, mi intencis verki proksimume duone aŭ trione en Esperanto. Bedaŭrinde, verkinte angle, mi ne plu volas verki Esperante.  Estas enuige simple traduki la blogeron kaj estus strange verki du malsamajn.  Mi malofte volas diri ion al nur tiuj, kiuj komprenas Esperanton, kaj mi (laŭ mia scio) ne havas amikojn kiuj volus legi sed ne komprenas la anglan. Eble mi uzos Esperanton pli nun, kiam komenciĝas la Esperanto-kurseto.  Mi, kompreneble, ankoraŭ devas praktiki la lingvon aŭ mi perdos ĝin.

*not to imply, of course, that D&D (or DnD, if you’re of that persuasion) is nothing more than another notch in my geekiness belt.

**if you didn’t understand that, I’m not sure if I should say “congratulations” or just feel more sad about my new state of almost obsession. To be safe, just google and don’t tell me about it.

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