if you had to wrap a bow around it in 10 words or less

Off and on I’ve been experimenting with adding sugar to my coffee.  While I generally speaking like to drink my coffee black, it makes me feel pretty unwell on an empty stomach.  Add some steamed soy milk, and it doubles as breakfast (you  know, kinda) and is pretty enjoyable.  Unfortunately, the coffee shop I frequent on campus has gross coffee and soy milk that doesn’t sufficiently hide the flavor.  Why go there? Well, it’s closer, has less long lines, and is cheaper than Starbucks.  Don’t worry, once I live in real life, I’ll look for a less evil coffee shop. (Or open my own) So, since it’s not great without either a syrup shot or some sugar thrown in, I can save 60 cents by using the raw sugar handy.  Anyway, I have a question for the folks who generally drink sugar in hot drinks.  How the heck do I sweeten the top? I try to mix it in, but the bottom is always sickeningly sweet and the top tastes unsweetened. Is it because I insist on using the raw sugar? The crystals are bigger, maybe they sink before they can dissolve/melt.  Maybe I should just try to plan on going when the girl who gives me cheaper coffee is there and go for a shot of vanilla. Or maybe I should just try to be more productive and get more sleep so I don’t need coffee?

Speaking of which, I’m so tired.  Because I didn’t get enough done over the weekend.  Am I staying up getting stuff done now? No, I’m staying up thinking “I have too much to do to sleep. I will be blaming the Super Bowl for the lack of productivity. Disappointing Super Bowl, that.  As someone who cared very little about the game being played (I like football, but didn’t care which team came out on top), I’m really disappointed by the advertisements this year.  None really stuck out as being awesome, and there were a lot of local ads. Weird. Sad. Other negative things.  The food, beer, and company were great though!  And nothing like two new Glee episodes in one week.  (Yes, I watch it. No, I don’t like it.  Yes, I’ll continue to watch it).

Now this is going to be a little annoying for a few seconds to anyone who didn’t go to high school with me and go on the Latin trip to Rome. Remember that time that BP went on a crazy rampage about may/might? And how he told us that might can’t be anything but past tense? And other lies? And remember how we believed him for about a minute? Well, until we got back, checked out OED, and then became confused? Guess what? May/might… still confusing.  The rest of the world can check back in now.  Last night I was finishing up a linguistics assignment, and found myself needing to assign a tense to the sentence: “The cats might have been playing with that yarn.” The answer? There is none, apparently.  I actually went so far as to email a question to the professor.  That’s a big deal for me.  The answer was basically “don’t worry about it,” which is about as unsatisfying of an answer as I could ever in a million years get.  An answer telling me “well, actually, it doesn’t matter–we can’t tell,” would have been acceptable, I guess.  I’d accept it as an oddity of the English language and move on.  But this class is driving me crazy with its pace–and I keep getting told “we’ll get to that in a few weeks” in response to contributions to the class discussion.  I almost wish there were a textbook, so that when I have a question that’s a matter of me just wanting to know, I can easily find it in some sort of standardized notation being used in the course.  Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy the class.  I enjoy both the professors, even the one I emailed to death yesterday.  I just wish it didn’t involve moving along at a snail pace to reach no conclusion.


I might have been sleeping now, had I ever learned to turn my brain off…



    • Spencer
    • February 9th, 2011

    Speaking of the Latin trip,


    It’s only 7 years too late. DAMN

    • But if we had had that, you’d never have had a verb named after you! ;]

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