here’s looking at you, kid

I’ve a confession to make. I’ve got commitment issues like nobody’s business.  I wish I were only talking about the big, scary sort of commitment like marriage.  Nope.  You see, it’s almost Valentine’s Day (pardon, SAD), and in addition to the bubbly pink hearts and sticky, sweet romantic pairing off, I’ve also got to contend with academic pairing.  For some reason, I had it in my mind that group projects were a thing for elementary school (where I couldn’t stand them), until I got to middle school and found they were there too.  High school as well. But certainly that was the end–right? Oh, no.  I could have thought that, since I’ve avoided the sort up until now in my university education, but this year my first paper in the international poetry course I’m taking is a partner paper.  How does that work? No flipping idea.  But I do know that choosing a partner is the most painful experience ever.  There’s the initial fear of “oh no. nobody will want to work with me” followed by “I  have to ask someone” and “how do I pick someone?”  And then if exceptionally lucky, someone else will contact with an invitation to work together.  But do you accept that? Could be the only one in the world who wants to be partners, after all.  I did accept–no reason not to, really.  It’s a course outside of my major so I didn’t know anyone coming into the class.  But I already feel a little trapped.  And really, that’s how any commitment makes me feel.  Even things like committing to wear one pair of shoes over the other in the morning.  I’m stuck with that pair all day long.

In other, special edition Valentine’s Day news: I have found the perfect vegan brownie recipe.  Up until now, I’ve decided that I’m completely worthless in the kitchen if I can’t even figure out how to make brownies come out. I read reviews and only try recipes that get positive ones, so what’s the deal? Well, so far as I can tell, the deal is that I hadn’t yet tried this brownie recipe from Your Vegan Mom.  Go make those now.  Seriously, they are the best vegan brownies ever. If you don’t find true love, you’ll at least have your chocolate to go with your SAD celebration.  I think I’m going to make the cream cheese cookies with strawberry frosting from the same blog for Valentine’s Day proper.

And since it is now officially Valentine’s Day: what’s the most awesome/memorable Valentine you’ve ever sent/received? The best I’ve given had a picture of a dead rat on the front.  The best I’ve received had a vacuum cleaner (break out the vacuum, ’cause this holiday sucks!)

Kaj tiun ĉi tagon de amo, mi certe ne povus forgesi mian amaton–Esperanto.  Ĉu vi festos Esperante hodiaŭ? Ĉu vi amas Esperantiston? Ĉu vi amas Esperantiston, sed forgesis Valentenkarton por ŝli? Nu, mi havas solvon por vi.  Simple presu kaj detondu tiun ĉi karton.  Ĝi aspektas aparte bela sur ruĝa papero, kompreneble. Ĉu vi ankoraŭ ne havas Esperantistan koramik(in)on/edz(in)on? Nu, presu kelkajn kaj sendu ilin al ĉiu fraŭl(in)o, kiun vi konas.

  1. That card is seriously lol-inda.

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