better a silly girl with a flower than a silly boy with a horse and a stick

I’m pretty sure that I’m more the silly boy with a horse and stick today. I had typed out a nice long post, but then realized it was really more of a rant.  But not a funny rant, so nobody would want to read it. And then nobody would get to the end where it isn’t a rant. So without any more ado..

If you choose to read on a Kindle in the privacy of your own home, that's your business. Something that I do really like is books. Something that makes me sad is that Borders filed bankruptcy and my go-to Borders store back home is closing.  Not that I go there much, especially now that I don’t live there, but it’s still kind of sad.  Of course, my true love is found in small used book stores.  Those are all kinds of fine.  I’m not very surprised to hear about the bankruptcy. B&N has the college bookstores.  The rest of the books are (for the most part) purchased online.  But I do so love to walk into a book store and crack open a book.  Once I bought a book simply because it looked neat.  Only when I got home did I learn what it was about. It was a great book. (Yeah, yeah, I know. You can’t judge a book by its cover.  Except when you can).  But I feel like in an online bookstore, I have to know what I want in advance. Not cool.

Other thing that I like: when patronizing knowitalls are wrong. I just noticed an example in the interwebs, and it was most excellent. Yeah, I know, that makes me a jerk. But when there are people falling all over themselves to correct you, it’s nice when you can respond with “actually, no, I am right, and you are wrong.” This goes very nicely with my extreme annoyance at people on the internet who are wrong.  It is so bad how much work I don’t get done when I see someone being wrong. It is my DUTY to correct them, right? Oh dear, there must be people out there wanting me to trip up too. But at least I’ve never told someone that they ought not be allowed to talk to people.

This weekend, I’m super behind. I wanted to get a lot done today, but I blame maelstroms and coffee shop hours. Or something.  Anyway, I really want to get most of the homework that’s due this week done by tomorrow.  Because I won’t want to work on it this week. Even more than I usually don’t (hey, I really do like working on those syntactic problems!).  Because I will have a guest.  That’s right, people from back home. I don’t need you to visit me–I have other friends who clearly love me more. (Just kidding, friends from home. Please visit me. I love you.) Anyway, Andy, whom I most scandalously met *on the internet* and subsequently at the LK in DC last May (Esperanto Conference), will be here on Monday.  I’m now realizing how much of a slob I am (do I REALLY have to clean the rooms?) and how much I don’t know about Rochester (omigosh what will we do?).  But I’m also pretty excited. Excited enough to do homework… in advance. Jes, Andreo, vi estas TIEL kara al mi.

And now, off to all those mundane chores that need to be done. Like the laundry and dishes. Ve. I need a wife.

  1. Gxis baldaux! :]

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