and i’m so hot cause i’m in hell

I am fairly positive that something terrifying lives outside my building.  What evidence have I got? Well, let me tell you.  On two separate occasions, there has been an animal leg on the sidewalk between here and campus.  Like, a dismembered leg.  The first time, it was some kind of bird.  And it was there for a while and bloody and gross and awful and ewww.  Then there was some smallish mammal leg.  What kind of sick beast devours an animal… except for one leg? I do not know, but I very much hope that I do not run into it.

Speaking of terrifying things, I was checking out my old xanga and found two things of note: angsty teenage poetry and  You know those “I feel today” refrigerator magnets (why do I always want to add a d to that word?)? I’m addicted. And I forgot how much I enjoyed being able to choose from SO MANY moods (though not as many faces as moods). For example, right now I feel The current mood of PeaceDoggi at  If you want to creep on my current mood (actually, some of you probably should.  It’d help you out in dealing with me) that little indicator now lives on my tumblr. As for the angsty poetry, I’ve started writing it again. It’s pretty bad.  Because now I write angsty bilingual poetry.  At least intitially I felt a lot younger speaking Esperanto than English. I’d guess that has something to do with relative confidence levels or something.  Perhaps Esperantist!me is awkwardly a teenager now and therefore the poetry is more or less expected? Or maybe that class is getting to me more than I realized…

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